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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I´ve changed the address of the blog. 
You can find me at

Name change

The time has arrived: I´m changing the name of the blog. Is not that I don´t like the current one, I really do. But I feel that it´s better to have a name with which I can be identified. At the beggining I was not sure, but it´s true that nobody can identify me with North by South-West. So here it comes: bicycloud (my name means cloud …), so from now on the address will be I guess this also makes me bicycloud. Yes, the more I write it the more I like it.

The blog will be the same but with another name. I will copy the posts to the other site. I decided that each post will also have a Spanish part, so all my friends and family can read it.

So you are welcome to read and comment in the other site. This one I will leave it for now how it is, and the new things will go in the other one.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

HombreLobo at Getxoblog

A few posts back I said how much a friend’s father, and my friend also, are helping with this blog. I also mentioned Agirregabiria is the president of a local blogger association called Getxoblog

This weekend there was a meeting of this association and the guest speaker was HombreLobo, from He is a really big blogger, or videoblogger, and he talks about the trips he´s doing. He´s been all over the world, and has this videos to show. He also knows a lot about blogs. You can see the whole presentation at Agirregabia´s, blog.

Well, Agirregabiria asked him if he could give me some advice, and so he did. As I was not there, they made a video of it. Thank you to both of you! Your support and advices are really helpful.

The first one is in Spanish (and it´s longer, with more advices) and the second one it´s in English.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bike ride

Today I went for a little ride with the bike. Yes, I know should have been studying, but the weather was really nice. Well, it was, til I was gone for 10 minutes. It was really sunny, and really fast it got cloudy, and at the end it even rained a little.

I took some of my new equipment to try. The helmet fits. The sun glasses are great (I was afraid that they would actually hurt my ears, because they were amazingly cheap, but they are good).

I did a little video while being lost, just when I saw the airport. It´s my first attempt to make a video while riding (and talking). It´s actually better than what I thought it would be. Of course it´s a bit shaky, and you can´t hear me that good, but it´s not bad. Hopefully I will get a better camera for the trip.

Already cycling I saw some signs pointing the beach at Sola, and there´s where I ended up. On the way I saw a huge sign taking to “Ruinkirke”. The sign was so big that I had to follow it. As expected I got to a ruined church just by the road. The church was built in the XII. century, in a really nice place. You can see the sea from there.

You can visit it at anytime, it has some glass walls (so you can see inside). But the interesting thing is that you can get an audio guide by calling a number. I never heard something like this.

Finally I got to the beach. But the sun and the warmth this beaches don´t have anything to envy to those in the south, they are really nice. I was really surprised to see lots of people there. The funny thing is that they were all wearing coats, gloves and hats.

Tomorrow I will fly to the Basque Country, to take some exams. And after that, well I´m going to London, but after I will start thinking, planning and taking decisions for the trip by bike.

Friday, January 21, 2011

The Little Prince

For a few years now I´ve been collecting the famous Antoine de Saint-ExupĂ©ry book in different languages. I only get the books in the languages of the countries that I visit. I don´t count visiting a country I only drive through, but this time, I won´t just be crossing them, so I will buy the books. I know that probably at the end I will have a quite big stack, but as I already have the books of half the places I will pass, and it´s the only souvenir I´m planning on buying, I think it will be alright.

Here I leave a link to a website, it´s quite strange as it is in several languages at the same time, but it has interesting “Le Petit Prince” links, as well as links to the online book in many different languages.

This is one of my all time favorite books, so if you you haven´t read it I really recommend you do. Enjoy!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Eurovelo map

The map finally arrived! Great? Well, no. I was so exited to open the little package I got from Amazon, and then I saw it.

This is probably one of the worst maps I´ve ever seen. I was not expecting a really great one, with all the towns and the names of the roads. I just wanted it to get a first idea of the rout. But this! Seriously. It´s just a map of Europe, with the major cities and roads, and drown over it, approximately where the roads go through. It´s not even drown on roads. My advice for anyone who wants to get it, see the little map in the website, it has exactly the same information.

I knew that probably I would make some mistakes buying some things for the trip, and that I would have to change some of the plans, but I was not expecting to make a bad buy so early. I´m so angry, I´m actually thinking of doing the whole trip without following the Eurovelo routs at all.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Well, here it came. I´m 25. just the perfect age to begin the trip i´m planning :). As the last few years, this is exam period for me, so I can´t really celebrate, and I will have to wait a couple weeks for that.

Haven´t been doing much planning, as I need the time for studying. Still waiting for the map to arrive. I really hope it gets here this week.

I don´t know what else. Next week I will go back to the Basque Country to take the exams. I will also have to buy some brakes there, as they are a lot cheaper than here (the bike i´m using doesn´t almost brake anymore) .

I will go to London for 3 days (birthday present), and afterwards I will start doing some serious planning.

There was a comment for the post “My trip”. Rafa did a similar trip last year and gives me some advices. -Thanks, I will really look into some of them. And as soon as I start making some decisions I will write you an email, because I have many doubts that you might be able to solve.-