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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Name change

The time has arrived: I´m changing the name of the blog. Is not that I don´t like the current one, I really do. But I feel that it´s better to have a name with which I can be identified. At the beggining I was not sure, but it´s true that nobody can identify me with North by South-West. So here it comes: bicycloud (my name means cloud …), so from now on the address will be I guess this also makes me bicycloud. Yes, the more I write it the more I like it.

The blog will be the same but with another name. I will copy the posts to the other site. I decided that each post will also have a Spanish part, so all my friends and family can read it.

So you are welcome to read and comment in the other site. This one I will leave it for now how it is, and the new things will go in the other one.

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