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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bike ride

Today I went for a little ride with the bike. Yes, I know should have been studying, but the weather was really nice. Well, it was, til I was gone for 10 minutes. It was really sunny, and really fast it got cloudy, and at the end it even rained a little.

I took some of my new equipment to try. The helmet fits. The sun glasses are great (I was afraid that they would actually hurt my ears, because they were amazingly cheap, but they are good).

I did a little video while being lost, just when I saw the airport. It´s my first attempt to make a video while riding (and talking). It´s actually better than what I thought it would be. Of course it´s a bit shaky, and you can´t hear me that good, but it´s not bad. Hopefully I will get a better camera for the trip.

Already cycling I saw some signs pointing the beach at Sola, and there´s where I ended up. On the way I saw a huge sign taking to “Ruinkirke”. The sign was so big that I had to follow it. As expected I got to a ruined church just by the road. The church was built in the XII. century, in a really nice place. You can see the sea from there.

You can visit it at anytime, it has some glass walls (so you can see inside). But the interesting thing is that you can get an audio guide by calling a number. I never heard something like this.

Finally I got to the beach. But the sun and the warmth this beaches don´t have anything to envy to those in the south, they are really nice. I was really surprised to see lots of people there. The funny thing is that they were all wearing coats, gloves and hats.

Tomorrow I will fly to the Basque Country, to take some exams. And after that, well I´m going to London, but after I will start thinking, planning and taking decisions for the trip by bike.

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