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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Well, here it came. I´m 25. just the perfect age to begin the trip i´m planning :). As the last few years, this is exam period for me, so I can´t really celebrate, and I will have to wait a couple weeks for that.

Haven´t been doing much planning, as I need the time for studying. Still waiting for the map to arrive. I really hope it gets here this week.

I don´t know what else. Next week I will go back to the Basque Country to take the exams. I will also have to buy some brakes there, as they are a lot cheaper than here (the bike i´m using doesn´t almost brake anymore) .

I will go to London for 3 days (birthday present), and afterwards I will start doing some serious planning.

There was a comment for the post “My trip”. Rafa did a similar trip last year and gives me some advices. -Thanks, I will really look into some of them. And as soon as I start making some decisions I will write you an email, because I have many doubts that you might be able to solve.-


  1. Happy Birthday Hodei!!!

    Have a nice day!!

  2. Zorionak mutiiil!! ya te felicite pero bueno! me ha dixo austin k te de su num de telf 07815870538 pa cuando vallas a londres.

    k tengas buenos dias!